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Circle Function v.1.0 | By Kvc

Circle Function v.1.0 | Preview
Hey, Hello Guys! #TheBATeam is again Back. This Week, We are sharing a new Batch Function with all you guys. The Circle function is Created By Kvc. However, The algorithm to print the pixels on the right spot on console, is a bit complex. So, I took a little bit of help from the Algorithm they are using in C. After Understanding the proper functioning and mathematical logic of the Algorithm. Simply, I parsed all the knowledge into the Batch Programming language format, to a text document. And after few formatting steps... It results in a beautiful and properly functioning Batch Plugin. Which can easily fix Most of the GUI issues in the CUI world of Batch programming.
"The beginning is the most important part of the work."
The algorithm really seems to be a work of genius. Because, We don't have Sin() or Cos() functions in Batch. There is a need of a maths library in Batch Programming, #TheBATeam is working on it too... But, For the time - The algorithm is so, mathematically simple that it allows to put a circle on the console without making complex mathematical calculations. We like, its simple and effective nature. 

Similar parameters, But different Circle Result.

The circle seems to be elliptical in shape. So, Why #TheBATeam is calling it a circle each time we are using it. The Reason for its elliptical nature on the console is that, Cmd Uses mono-spaced Fonts, and they are Longer in Height than In width. Hence, The circle (which is created using characters, not pixels) appeared longer in hight than widht and thus, apper as a Ellips.

But, With some Fn.dll usage, We can adjust this property of the Font and make them Squared, then we can have our official Circle on the console. We can use the 'Font' parameter of Fn.dll plugin, and have our desired result as shown in the Demo Below.

Using - Fn.dll Font 2 | Command

As now you can see the difference in the output, from the images above in this article. The Function is very healthy in this environment and works perfectly fine. This may be result into a milestone in the advancement of batch programming. And making it one step ahead towards the future.

So, Now... without wasting anytime, Let's jump to my Favorite section. Where you can know about using this awesome function and Download it. Use it in your personal projects. Let's have a look.


Finally, we are talking sense. Now, To use this awesome function... We think, The Legendary Help menu will do most of our work here. We only need to put a simple image and our work is over. You can have a idea about its usage from below.

It is not an independent kind of function, which you can put with your batch program and use it simply. It is dependent upon The Awesome Batch Plugin | Batbox.exe. So, If you need to use this function, you have to put both, Circle function and Batbox.exe, along side with your Batch program, For proper functioning. 

The Help Menu
If you couldn't get anything, or needed a little help. We strongly recommend to watch the Video embedded Below. If still in doubt, We are here to help. Just throw a question at us, via the comment field below. We'll be there for you within 24 hours.

Finally, It's the time. We need to go back to our Daily life routine. But, we'll be again back. Don't forget to leave your Precious Feedback via comment field below. It will only take few seconds. You can download the Function form the link given Below. Till then...

Keep Sharing, Keep Learning...
Be Happy, Spread Happiness...

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